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License Plate Information

General Information


Archives State Digital Collections New In the State of Florida, a motor vehicle is required by law to have a license plate displayed with a current registration/decal properly attached, in order to operate on Florida’s public roads and highways.  Florida currently has a variety of license plates available. All license plates can be viewed at the Tax Collector’s office. In addition, some of the more popular license plates available can be viewed by clicking the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicle’s links listed below.


  • Standard license plates(Indian River, In God We Trust or Sunshine State).





  • International Wheel Chair Symbol license plate
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Lost or Stolen License Plates and/or Decals


  • If your license plate, decal and/or parking placard has been lost or stolen, you must contact your local law enforcement agency to report the loss or theft prior to making application for a replacement.


  • The owner(s) of the motor vehicle must apply for a replacement license plate, decal and/or parking placard.



  • This application can either be mailed in or completed in to the Tax Collector’s office.


  • The replacement cost of a lost license plate and/or decal is up to $36.40.


  • When a license plate is reported stolen to a law enforcement agency and a case number has been assigned, there is no cost associated with this replacement. The case number and the name of the law enforcement agency must be provided.




Payment Methods

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